with Christina Boyd-Smith, PhD and Anne Lippin, MD

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Join the Corporate Rebel Rethinking U Webinar to...

• Stop Hijacking Yourself and...

• Put Work and Life Back On YOUR Own Terms!

This webinar is for YOU if...

  • Your own insecurities get in your way. 
  • You fear change. 
  • You talk yourself out of taking positive risks. 
  • You aren't enjoying your life and work as much as you want. 
  • You measure yourself against others and come up short. 

In 60-Minutes, You'll Learn How to:

  • Get out of your own way.
  • Turn off the negative self-talk so your best support person is always with you. That's YOU! 
  • Return to a creative, happy, centered version of yourself in order to generate personal and professional success. 

Your life is full. Sometimes over-full. 

The webinar lasts sixty minutes. 

The hour you spend will reward you with saved time and new-found energy.

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Meet Christina and Anne Your Webinar Hosts 

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Christina Boyd-Smith, PCC, PhD, is the Corporate Rebel Coach. With 9 years of coaching and 10 years of corporate experience, Christina's no-nonsense and spirited style has helped business leaders and teams in companies like GE, Target, Boston Scientific, Gilead, Northwestern Mutual, United Health Group, and US Bank. With her support, clients craft powerful leadership in their careers and lives, take a stand for innovative ideas, and contribute to their company’s success all while keeping an eye on the integrity of their souls and their own personal and professional goals. Christina is accredited as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation. And, she bakes a mean maple bourbon pecan pie.  

Anne Lippin, MD, is the Corporate Rebel Coach’s BFF. A strange confluence of events led Anne to medical school, and she wound up working as a family doctor in South Minneapolis. Special interests included mental health and systems-level lactation support. Anne now identifies as Home CEO, micro philanthropist, writer, and chronic volunteer. She is delighted to join Christina, representing SCIENCE. You can find Anne at annelippin.com

As the Corporate Rebel coach, Christina respects the balance between straight-forward strategy and intuitive personal development. Anne adds a dash of science to the recipe for your growth.

It’s free and everyone is welcome! 

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